Increase Your Followers On Soundcloud

There is pretty new online Soundcloud promotion service offered to musicians, bands or solo artists to help promote their music and names. A member can post their songs for people to listen to. Like other social media sites, Soundcloud members have followers which can be gained with the service.

Each time someone starts following an artist, all of their friends will see the name of that artist. They can then listen and decide to follow as well. The more followers an artist gets, the more their name shows up on pages and becomes recognized. The service is not free, but service offers four different packages for a user to choose from.

Starting at $25, a member makes an easy payment using PayPal and can begin exploring a large selection of artists. So, not only does it benefit the artist, but …

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Jim Hennons Prairie View Buck

Webster defines the word as the power supposed to determine the outcome of events. Sometimes in deer hunting, fate plays a dynamic role. Such was the case with 31-year-old Jim Hennon of New Hampshire, Ohio.

Jim has been hunting for 21 years. Early in life, squirrel hunting with dad was an annual occurrence each autumn. As time went on, Jim’s desires turned to hunting deer, and he took up the sport as soon as he was able to hunt safely and effectively with a shotgun and rifled slug. (Shotguns with slugs and muzzeloaders are the only firearms legal for deer hunting in Ohio.)

In this upper Midwestern section of Ohio, most of the terrain consists of agricultural flatlands with scattered 5-20-acre woods with bushy fence rows and a few thickets strewn throughout the landscape. Most of the locals refer to …

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CCA (Center for Culinary Arts) at the Podium

I have a group of friends at work that came together through the Badminton Club at the office and became fast friends. Yearly we have what we call a Christmas Lunch which, over the years has been celebrated later and later. So our Christmas Lunch for 2011 was held end of January 2012. Not too late by our standards  Organizing was difficult. So finally H the Dictator put her foot down and said we are having it at CCA at the Podium and it will be a dinner!  Be at the main lobby at 5:45 sharp! Nobody argued and everybody was there on time CCA at the Podium just opened I think because the last time I ate at Yakimix, it wasn’t there yet. I don’t remember what was there in its place though. So, we studied the menus for …

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There are nine basic steps to learning archery

Ok, ok I know what you’re thinking, Robin Hood, men in tights. But this is not the type of archery I am going to present to you. Archery has evolved from the Medievalist, scary and somewhat barbaric past to a fun, exciting and disciplined sport. Like with any other sport it takes discipline hard work and commitment o master, it takes time before you can consistently hit the bull’s eye.

There are nine basic steps to learning archery although they may seem simple they take some time to master. They are stance, nock, set, pre-draw, draw, anchor, aim, release and follow through.

The first step is stance; archers have their feet planted on the ground, side by side so that your weight is evenly distributed.Then there is the Nock, finger and hand placement. The nock is the part of the …

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BLVD Gallery

Today was totally awesome because I was riding my bike, got hit by a car, and did a heels-over-head flip onto the pavement. Somehow I managed to escape any major injuries. My knee is a little swollen (hit it on the bike, not the ground) and my elbow is slightly bloodied, but I’m feeling amazingly well. Not even a scratch on my helmet. I think all those years of playing keeper and learning how to hit the ground semi-gracefully finally paid off.

The completely maddening thing is that I was riding completely safely IN THE BIKE LANE on 3rd. The dude just turned right in front of me. Riding in that bike lane is more of a death trap than any of the other stupid shit I do on my bike.

If I was an opportunist, I would have had …

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Kyle Imao Wins Pinoy Junior Masterchef

It’s the one show that I never miss, Pinoy Junior Masterchef. I watched it from the beginning, August 2011, I believe. It was very entertaining to watch little kids cook and move so well in the kitchen, I can’t believe they were 9-12 year old kids. Where did they learn how to cook? The skills they had were very advanced for their ages. After watching the show for sometime, I learned that some of them watched their parents or relatives while cooking. The families of some had restaurant businesses. Aha! Now it make sense. Also, there is that interest in cooking.

I like to cook as well. I would have written “love to cook” but cooking depends on my mood and craving, so it is not constant. Although I never follow recipes to the letter, I always have to have …

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Heaven is for Real

My friend T was telling us over coffee and dessert the other week about this book, Heaven is for Real, where a 4 year old boy went to heaven and met Jesus. It happened while he was having an appendectomy. The story sounded so amazing that I had to read it for myself. Which I did, in one sitting. Well, actually I was lying down. The Twerp was already sleeping and I decided to read it a bit, just a few pages. I ended up sleeping around midnight because I could not put it down. Good thing it was pretty short.

There was no record that he “died” for a few minutes while being operated on and was brought back like some of the similar stories I’ve heard before. Still, I am inclined to believe the story, Heaven is for …

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Burgoo at the Podium

The other day I didn’t know what I wanted to do for lunch. I had tons of work to finish but I also wanted to take a break. So I called up a couple of friends to see what their plans were. I talked to Reena who was feeling the same way I was. Kind of lazy, not hungry but want to eat, don’t know where to eat, although we really should work through lunch because we had tons of work to finish. We all have days like that. Eventually we decided to go out and eat, someplace comfortable and just be. We went out and ate the Burgoo at the Podium which is a short walk from our office.


Not many people were eating there, usually it’s full at lunchtime with office workers around the Ortigas area. We …

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Barrio Fiesta Crispy Pata

I had a sudden craving for crispy pata last week. Hmmmm…who was the easiest friend to convince to come with me? K of course. She immediately said yes when I said I wanted crispy pata at Barrio Fiesta in Megamall for lunch. We asked other friends because the meal we intended to order was the set meal for P750 which included crispy pata, kare-kare and rice. It’s good for 3-4 people but we couldn’t find anybody else to join us. No matter. We went ahead anyway.


You know what? We polished off the crispy pata, just the two of us. Barrio Fiesta crispy pata is still the best…

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