Lightning’s jolt lifted janitor off his feet

Janitor John Rozik was quietly going about his business on the third floor of the four-storey Michener Centre administration building when something lifted him off his feet.
That was Wednesday night, when lightning was believed responsible for a devastating fire that destroyed the roof and seriously damaged the third and fourth floors.
“I was cleaning up there on the third floor and the lightning struck so hard, it kind of threw me against the wall.”
In retelling the experience Thursday, Rozik admits he’s not sure if it was the force of the lightning bolt that picked him up or if he jumped in fear.
He could smell smoke almost immediately, and headed out of the building.
He told a fellow employee who was on her way in to work to go home, and the only other person in the building, the switchboard operator, also got out.
Rozik went home too, he said, but only for about half an hour.
“I couldn’t stand it anymore and I went back again.”
He joined the several hundred spectators who watched firefighters attack the blaze.