Kyle Imao Wins Pinoy Junior Masterchef

It’s the one show that I never miss, Pinoy Junior Masterchef. I watched it from the beginning, August 2011, I believe. It was very entertaining to watch little kids cook and move so well in the kitchen, I can’t believe they were 9-12 year old kids. Where did they learn how to cook? The skills they had were very advanced for their ages. After watching the show for sometime, I learned that some of them watched their parents or relatives while cooking. The families of some had restaurant businesses. Aha! Now it make sense. Also, there is that interest in cooking.

I like to cook as well. I would have written “love to cook” but cooking depends on my mood and craving, so it is not constant. Although I never follow recipes to the letter, I always have to have a recipe just to see which goes first and what goes in the meal. I have never really gotten the hang of cooking from just what’s available in my kitchen. Someone like me can learn a lot from a tim ferriss cookbook.

Back to Pinoy Junior Masterchef. I was actually rooting from Philip because he seemed so rough and unschooled in cooking. He did cook at home but it was from instinct and learning on his own. And he scored big with all his first time attempts. However, it was clear towards the last few shows that Kyle Imao had talent. His creations were just perfect from the taste to the plating. I am sure these final four will go far.

Watching the show has inspired me to make that Linguini with Clam Sauce recipe I’ve been wanting to try. I bought the ingredients weeks ago but have not gotten around to making it. Have to be careful with the pasta though. I’ve been trying to lose that last few pounds that settled on my tummy. I think a slow carb diet should do it.

The Pinoy Masterchef recipes are posted online and I’ve bookmarked it. I want to try the creations starting with Philip’s crusted tofu recipe. By the way, some them are on the menu at Pancake House.