Increase Your Followers On Soundcloud

There is pretty new online Soundcloud promotion service offered to musicians, bands or solo artists to help promote their music and names. A member can post their songs for people to listen to. Like other social media sites, Soundcloud members have followers which can be gained with the service.

Each time someone starts following an artist, all of their friends will see the name of that artist. They can then listen and decide to follow as well. The more followers an artist gets, the more their name shows up on pages and becomes recognized. The service is not free, but service offers four different packages for a user to choose from.

Starting at $25, a member makes an easy payment using PayPal and can begin exploring a large selection of artists. So, not only does it benefit the artist, but it benefits the listener as well.

Agency opens up a world of music that might otherwise be unknown to the average listener. While Soundcloud offers all genres of music, a large percentage consists of electronic dance music. Over 40,000 members visit the site every day, which means an artist’s music can reach a much broader audience than they might otherwise have. While members are not compensated for having followers or listeners, the benefit of this site is that their name and music can become recognized and popular, which could rapidly increase sales or attendance to live shows.