Heaven is for Real

My friend T was telling us over coffee and dessert the other week about this book, Heaven is for Real, where a 4 year old boy went to heaven and met Jesus. It happened while he was having an appendectomy. The story sounded so amazing that I had to read it for myself. Which I did, in one sitting. Well, actually I was lying down. The Twerp was already sleeping and I decided to read it a bit, just a few pages. I ended up sleeping around midnight because I could not put it down. Good thing it was pretty short.

There was no record that he “died” for a few minutes while being operated on and was brought back like some of the similar stories I’ve heard before. Still, I am inclined to believe the story, Heaven is for Real, although I can understand how some people can be skeptical because when writing a novel, there is a tendency to dramatize the events more. Whether you believe it or not, it’s a heartwarming story that gives hope for the future.