CCA (Center for Culinary Arts) at the Podium

I have a group of friends at work that came together through the Badminton Club at the office and became fast friends. Yearly we have what we call a Christmas Lunch which, over the years has been celebrated later and later. So our Christmas Lunch for 2011 was held end of January 2012. Not too late by our standards  Organizing was difficult. So finally H the Dictator put her foot down and said we are having it at CCA at the Podium and it will be a dinner!  Be at the main lobby at 5:45 sharp! Nobody argued and everybody was there on time CCA at the Podium just opened I think because the last time I ate at Yakimix, it wasn’t there yet. I don’t remember what was there in its place though. So, we studied the menus for a long time, reading the description of each dish, making our hunger worse and worse.

Finally, we had our orders.  For starters we had the Roasted Red Pepper Hummus with Grilled Pita Chips.

House Salad

Caesar Salad with Shepherd’s Pie


Fish n Chips

Spaghetti Tinapa


Four Cheese Penne

Dessert on display. We chose three cakes to share with everyone.


Nice touch! The bill was in this tiny chest.

While we were eating, we noticed servers going inside a room where there seemed to be some sort of presentation. CCA at the Podium is Center for Culinary Arts after all. We were told that there was food tasting going on there. It was P500 per person with limited slots. There were still a few slots but we were there to chat and catch up with everyone so that was not an option. I’m keen to try it next time though.