There are nine basic steps to learning archery

Ok, ok I know what you’re thinking, Robin Hood, men in tights. But this is not the type of archery I am going to present to you. Archery has evolved from the Medievalist, scary and somewhat barbaric past to a fun, exciting and disciplined sport. Like with any other sport it takes discipline hard work and commitment o master, it takes time before you can consistently hit the bull’s eye.

There are nine basic steps to learning archery although they may seem simple they take some time to master. They are stance, nock, set, pre-draw, draw, anchor, aim, release and follow through.

The first step is stance; archers have their feet planted on the ground, side by side so that your weight is evenly distributed.Then there is the Nock, finger and hand placement. The nock is the part of the arrow that is placed on the string.

Place the nock under the nocking point. Hold the string with your index finger above the nock and your middle and ring finger below the nock. Hold the string between your first and second finger joints.

Set, is the technique of holding onto the bow. First place hands around the designated area for your hand. Your hands should form a 45 degree angle. Keep your hand as relaxed as possible.

The Pre-draw; elevate the bow arm. You raise your bow arm to shoulder height and briskly take aim. Be sure to keep your elbows outward and away from the string.

The draw; Drawing the bow is the act of raising the string in a line horizontally with the shoulders to the anchor point. Gradually bring your shoulder blades together, keep yourshoulders low and relaxed.

The anchor point; This can be in different location the chest, cheek, ear or chin. Pull the string to your desired anchor point. Keep you index finger under your chin, try to minimize head movement. Your bow hand and drawing hand and elbow should be straight.

Aim; Firstly focus on the target with your dominant eye, if you need to shut the non dominant eye that’s fine. While keeping that stance shift slightly to the right so that you can see the string on the target. For left-handers it is advised that you shift to the left.

Release; Holding your position, bring the drawing hand back while bringing the shoulder blades together. Then gradually relax the fingers on the drawing hand till they release the string.

Follow-through; after releasing the drawing hand, let the bow hand gradually descend. Keeping the initial starting stance until you see or hear your arrow hit the target. Your relaxed bow hand will let the bow drop. You will feel your sling tug gently against your hand, letting you know the sling is catching the bow. Do not move until you see/hear arrow hit target.

These were just the basics of archery they can’t possibly make you a pro but hey at least you have an idea of what goes into making a great shot. I hope you have fun learning to play this sport and remember that practice and dedication go a long way.