BLVD Gallery

Today was totally awesome because I was riding my bike, got hit by a car, and did a heels-over-head flip onto the pavement. Somehow I managed to escape any major injuries. My knee is a little swollen (hit it on the bike, not the ground) and my elbow is slightly bloodied, but I’m feeling amazingly well. Not even a scratch on my helmet. I think all those years of playing keeper and learning how to hit the ground semi-gracefully finally paid off.

The completely maddening thing is that I was riding completely safely IN THE BIKE LANE on 3rd. The dude just turned right in front of me. Riding in that bike lane is more of a death trap than any of the other stupid shit I do on my bike.

If I was an opportunist, I would have had the guy buy me a new bike, even though all that got mangled was my grip tape and one of the pedals. But alas, I don’t have that American spirit.

Well…aside from that, paintings are going well…I’m definitely evolving a bit with some of my stuff. I’ll photo next week. I picked up my little mini Manik skateboard to paint for a show down at BLVD Gallery – the new gallery in Belltown that’s an offshoot of Roq La Rue with a more urban slant.
Turns out that David Choe is having a solo show there right before the Manik show, so maybe some of his magic will rub off on me. I just saw a preview of the documentary about him here – the scene where he punches himself in the nose to drip blood on the canvas he’s painting is insane. make that craaazy. 3 a’s. i guess that’s what it takes to be a great artist. i wish to be a great artist, but not quite yet.